Asavari Tamhane Secretary |CITLoB Editor |Indovox More about her here Dear readers, I hope you are all doing well. We are almost at the end of the second wave and things seem to be falling into place a little. At IndoVox, these are exciting times as I take over from Ms Vidula Tokekar who has […]

From the President’s Desk

Sandeep Nulkar President |CITLoB More about him here Dear friends, The second wave of Covid is now behind us and I am hoping business is picking up for all of you. My conversations with some freelancers and LSP owners across the country certainly seemed very reassuring in that regard. No matter at what stage of the […]

Meet the member series

Sanjeev Das Founder: Nativ Ninja Localisation Pvt. Ltd This month we have the privileged to listen to Mr Sanjeev Das from Native Ninja. Sanjeev has spent the past 27 years localizing content for the entertainment industry and has some extremely interesting experiences to share. Do listen to this Ninja who usually works behind the scenes […]

CITLoB June Webinar

Thank you so much everyone for your overwhelming response. The CITLoB – Reverie Language Technologies Webinar was indeed an information packed interaction by the stalwarts of the industry.As a follow up to the panel discussion came in the #Prabandhak showcase by Reverie Language Technologies. In case you have missed out on attending our webinar, here’s […]

Guest column

Devaki Kunte Head of Operations Language Services Bureau More about her here Translation training in India Language Learning and Translation Courses India writes in various scripts and speaks in many languages! With a multitude of language families, dialects and local languages, the country is truly multilingual – every Indian knows at least 2-3 languages and […]

From the Presidents Desk

Sandeep Nulkar President | CITLoB More about him here Dear friends, The month of May has been quite an eventful month. Apart from our usual New Members Meeting, we also had our Quarterly members Meeting. Both these serve not only as an opportunity to network but also as platform to learn from the best in […]


Dear friends, The show will go on! I know that these are indeed difficult times for all of us and nearly everyone we know has either been infected themselves or has been through some anxious times owing to someone really close to us coming down with the virus. With several states in the country facing […]


May be, Shall be Here we are in the middle of the second wave of uncertainty, constraints, dipping spirits and battle.  Most of us are working from home. The team members are struggling on their personal fronts, managing time; and there is every probability that everything may seem gloomy. In this same scenario, you hear […]


Dear friends, It has been over a year and the virus refuses to leave us alone! The second wave is upon us it seems and I am praying that each one of you is doing fine and that things are looking up on the work front. These are indeed difficult times for a lot of […]


Exam Time! The tough times are getting tougher. So are tough humans!  The city where I work from – Pune, Maharashtra, India –  has earned the title of Corona Capital of India.  The situation is really scary.  On a lighter note, people are calling friends just to check if the other guy (or gal) is […]