Vidula Tokekar
Editor | IndoVox

Exam Time!

The tough times are getting tougher. So are tough humans! 

The city where I work from – Pune, Maharashtra, India –  has earned the title of Corona Capital of India.  The situation is really scary.  On a lighter note, people are calling friends just to check if the other guy (or gal) is breathing.

The business in general is trying to stay afloat.  The traditional markets are in trouble.  There are unexpected opportunities from unexpected quarters. LSPs are no different. The survival and growth instinct of businesses in these unprecedented (cliché!) times is amazing!  Those who are doing things differently, are able to cope with this different challenge.

Cooperation and synergy are the keywords of growth and that’s what CITLoB has been trying to bring in the language ecology.  The monthly webinars, trainings, members’ success stories,  IndoVox issues, regional meet-ups, the lively WhatsApp groups are all proving support tools for members. 

As a friend mentioned the other day, these are exam times.  Whatever you have learnt in colleges, offices, in meetings is being tested for the last whole year. Technology, innovation, diversification, human touch and empathy are the model answers.

This issue of IndoVox reflects the spirit of resourcefulness and versatility.  The second part of Rasika Gumaste’s articles shows the path ahead for freelancers.  The episode of ‘Meet the Member’ features the versatile personality Thulasi Madhumitha Iyer.  There is an important webinar coming up and I urge all to attend it. And please do explore the treasure called network with fellow CITLoB members! The link of data of all the members is shared in every issue and we encourage you to connect with fellow members and build on each other’s strengths.

The month of April is celebrated with beginning of Indian new year in many parts of India. Let this new year bring back the spring to the lives of all us creative people! 

See you next month! Till then,

Bolte Raho!

Vidula Tokekar