Vidula Tokekar
Editor | IndoVox

May be, Shall be

Here we are in the middle of the second wave of uncertainty, constraints, dipping spirits and battle.  Most of us are working from home. The team members are struggling on their personal fronts, managing time; and there is every probability that everything may seem gloomy.

In this same scenario, you hear you won a new contract, a laugh in a day’s work called ‘entertained in translation’;  see a blaze of innovation, talk to someone doing something new, a morning brings you a brain wave and everything seems bright and hopeful.

They say, being happy is a choice. I agree, and so is being hopeful. It’s not about wishful thinking, but it’s about letting the creative juices flow, about innovation, about grit and determination and it’s about confidence.

For some, it’s a day with so much more work to do and so much more to look forward to. For some, however, the day is like a long vacant tunnel. Let’s accept that the times are difficult and move ahead. We have been through tough times once.  We will sail through this too, together. Let’s remind ourselves of the big ‘WHY’ that we chose this profession or business. Look at the time you suddenly got plenty of, and do what you missed so much to do.  At the same time, keep sharpening your saw. The thick woods are just ahead!

If you can spare some time, do pen down an article, or do run a series of article, or take up a survey for IndoVox readers. It will be very useful and interesting and a lot of shared learning for all the readers.

This issue of IndoVox would be probable the shortest one. Go ahead and enjoy the reading. Look forward to your insightful articles for the next issue.

Till then, stay happy, stay sate!