Sandeep Nulkar

President | CITLoB

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Dear friends,

The month of May has been quite an eventful month. Apart from our usual New Members Meeting, we also had our Quarterly members Meeting. Both these serve not only as an opportunity to network but also as platform to learn from the best in our industry. Madhu Sundaramurthy, Managing Director of Summa Linguae, being her usual brilliant self, took this opportunity to shed some light on how systems and processes can help language service businesses succeed in a highly competitive market.

It was also particularly gratifying to be able to implement the idea that came from one of our Founding Members and the Vice President of the West Zone, Mr Sunil Kulkarni, CEO of Fidel Technologies, of reaching out to freelance language professionals and language services companies that have been severely affected by the pandemic and the resulting lockdown. A few have already reached out to us, and we are doing everything we can to help them through these trying times. It is my earnest request to each one of you to help us spread the word so that we can reach out to every professional or company that needs our support.

The month also brought along some winds of change. After giving birth to this wonderful baby and nurturing it for a year, Vidula Tokekar, the Editor of our monthly newsletter and the CEO of Translation Panacea, has decided to make way for what she calls a fresh perspective and some new energy. I cannot thank her enough for doing such an incredible job of creating this amazing platform for all of us. The Secretary of CITLoB, Asavari Tamhane, will now take over from her. She would be assisted by the Secretary of CITLoB-ALP, Rasika Gumaste and I am sure IndoVox will continue to do soar under their tutelage.

We also have some interesting events lined up for you in June and I would like to urge all of you to be a part of those. Do also let us know if there are any topics in particular that you would like us to cover, and we would be happy to act on your suggestions.

In the meantime, do take care of yourself and your families and stay safe. Happy reading and happy CITLoBing.

Sandeep Nulkar