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Secretary |CITLoB

Editor |Indovox

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Dear readers,

I hope you are all doing well. We are almost at the end of the second wave and things seem to be falling into place a little. At IndoVox, these are exciting times as I take over from Ms Vidula Tokekar who has done a wonderful job of taking our newsletter to greater heights with every issue. I know I have big shoes to fill in but I also know I can count on the support of our members and that Ms Tokekar is always a call away. So, here I am with my first issue as the Editor.

It was a busy month at CITLoB things. We had two webinars, both unique in their own way. CITLoB-ALP conducted its first webinar on “Challenges of translating literary texts into Indian languages” and that one saw a terrific response. The one hosted by Reverie Language Technologies on “Debunking automation misnomers for India’s translation industry” was also very well attended and we saw an unusual lot of traction in the Q&A session. We also spent some considerable amount of time trying to expand our membership and subscriber base. I am particularly glad to share with you that IndoVox has now has over 500 subscribers across the world. This means more visibility for our members, our activities and for our industry.

This month’s issue has an article written by our member, Ms Devaki Kunte, on “Translation Training in India”. The “Meet the Member” section has been a platform that helps us provide excellent visibility to our members. This month we have the privileged to listen to Mr Sanjeev Das from Native Ninja. Sanjeev has spent the past 27 years localizing content for the entertainment industry and has some extremely interesting experiences to share. Do listen to this Ninja who usually works behind the scenes but agreed to face the camera today for the benefit of our readers. This month, we are also starting a new section titled “Meme of the month”, the creative brainchild of our member, Pradeesh Joseph.

We have tried to give this first issue of our second year a new look and feel and I hope all of you enjoy this month’s issue. Please feel free to send me your feedback on so that we can continue to make the content more interesting and relevant for all of you.

Stay safe, take care and happy reading!!

Asavari Tamhane

Editor | IndoVox

Secretary | CITLoB