Asavari Tamhane

Secretary |CITLoB

Editor | Indovox

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Dear readers,

Hope you all are staying safe. With the world coming back to a kind of normal things look bright. Hope everything remains the same way and we can all soon meet in person at one of our CITLoB events.

Team CITLoB has done a lot of brainstorming and we have come up with some meaningful plans for the coming year which will benefit everyone from our language industry.

IndoVox now reaches more than 700 people. To give more substance to our newsletter we have invited experts from the industry, who would write for our newsletter which will add more value to it.

In this issue, you will be reading an article written by Ms.Vijayalaxmi Hegde on ” Subtitling and Dubbing for Indian OTTs: Everyone Can Win“. I am sure you will enjoy reading this article which throws a lot of light on how the Indian media localisation scene is becoming interesting where everyone can be a winner.

Our President Mr. Sandeep Nulkar shares some of CITLoB’s exciting plans with everyone. There is a lot more in the pipeline that will help each one of you leverage the CITLoB platform to increase your visibility and credibility.

CITLoB offers you a lot of opportunities to share your knowledge with your peers and increase your visibility. Make sure you participate in all the webinars and meetings which will add a lot of value to your professional growth and up-gradation.

I hope you enjoy reading the February issue of CITLoB

Best regards,

Asavari Tamhane

Secretary | CITLoB

Editor | IndoVox