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 To ensure success, many companies are exploring different avenues to increase global visibility. One of the key focus areas for companies is to break down linguistic and cultural boundaries. Companies are adopting disparate ways to break such barriers. In Japan, CEO Hiroshi Mikitani mandated English proficiency for all employees. It is a great idea but not practically achievable with minimal efforts and resources.

The other day while listening to a Marathi audiobook, I realized that it took lesser time and endeavor to digest the information when compared to its English counterpart. This is true. Nelson Mandela had rightly stated, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart”. This tenet lies at the center of any communication which forms the building block of relationships, the basis for erecting successful businesses.

1. Why do we need to localize content?

The advent of globalization has made localization imperative to every business that is planning to expand to new geographies. In a country like India where diversity flourishes in many forms including culture and languages, a new dialect touches our ears in as few as 100 kms. Expanding services and products by hooking the customers happens magically when the Brand expressions exude local intimacy while simultaneously maintaining the essence of the brand. ‘Survival of the fittest’ befits this context – interweaving the regional marrow into the brand, allows the Brand to simulate an air like flow while establishing itself in the new market

In addition to the psychological basis, statistical data exists to back this precept. Studies point to the fact that only 25% of the internet surfers today are English-speaking natives[1], and,  now the attention span of humans is lower than that of goldfish’s[2]. We only have a few seconds to hook the attention of prospects.

How will I benefit as a customer?

Not only is localization imperative to increase customer acquisition, but also inevitable for increasing Return on Investment on existing, passive content. Based on our experiences with numerous clients following are a few of the value-adds a company typically expects from the content its vendor/partner:

  • reduced turn-around-time to a fraction
  • manifold increase in productivity and efficiency of the core team by omitting management of fragmented, multi-phased, contemporary language solutions for numerous projects in various languages
  • multiply the number of accounts opened
  • multiply the transaction volumes
  • magnify number of likes, shares, impressions, followers, reach, views, site traffic, etc.
  • garner higher fraction of clients and new clientele through social media in addition to conventional channels
  • boost cost savings

The Vantage

With the right Language solution “embedded” into the Global Business Strategy, a business can leverage continuous localization to

  • command edge over its competitors
  • hasten speed to market
  • communicate with succinct, regional nuance with all stakeholders (internal or external)
  • enjoy sticky customer loyalty, word of mouth marketing
  • entrench international brand reputation
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • snowball outreach and penetrate markets rapidly
  • engage customers actively, in an age of decreasing attention span[3]
  • unlock untapped revenue
  • proliferate the topline

One of the marquee e-learning companies saw an unexpected 8X return within 2 months of launching localized versions of the US-based videos and that too in only 1 other language. Phenomenal results have been experienced by plenty of clients.

The optimal language partner understands the business strategy and dovetails the localization of assets (articulation, design, image, video, color, phrase, idiom, etc.) with the native culture to seamlessly blend the business in the new target market while evading the time required to build trust by starkly standing out as a foreigner.

Through the lens of the customer

Planning, budgeting, and prioritizing the localization process as well as the assets that need to be localized will help reap the most in terms of cost-benefit trade-off. Organizations have to keep learning from challenges and continue enhancing the strategy to reap rewards in the long haul.

Based on our experiences of servicing hundreds of MNCs across the globe, we have realized that a few aspects have increased customer’s confidence in our offerings and thereby organically augmented customer loyalty. Vendors with the following attributes have seen an influx of purchase orders after certification of protocols and streamlining established processes:

  • Data security (ISO 27001) and well-defined processes
  • A diverse team with latitude in expertise
  • In-house, proprietary platform

End to End Growth Schedule

The products and services that dazzle the clients across sectors like e-learning, NBFCs, Legal, Consumer Goods, Retail, News and Entertainment, etc. are mainly directed towards bespoke solutions, APIs, integrated workflows, that have catapulted these firms to a whole new trajectory while remaining within the ambit of their internal regulations.

We have shared the key facets of our journey in as few words as possible. End-to-end, continuous localization services serve as the front-line shock absorbers for organizations on their fruitful, high-speed, global expansion journey.

If you are keen on exploring more about localization and content transformation, you can visit and/or write to us for a demo at; information that helps us magnify our productivity is indeed powerful!