Sandeep Nulkar
President| CITLoB

Dear friends,

For me personally, the highlight of the month that went by was the completion of our first electoral process. As mundane and routine as it might sound, an election is the foundation on which any democratically run organisation stands, and in that sense, it was heartening to see how everyone participated in this process. We had over 90% of our members casting their votes and also a fair number of candidates who chose to run.

I am also glad that this election has given us the opportunity to add depth to the team. We are now well represented across the country, thanks to our four Zonal Vice Presidents. This will not only allow us to increase our member base but also ensure that regional opinions and concerns are better represented. I am looking forward to working with this new team to drive our agenda and to work towards the several goals that we have set for ourselves.

On a completely different note, it has been amazing to see how coming together has allowed us to celebrate the achievements of our people. Legendary cricketer, Sunil Gavaskar, when asked which of his hundreds mattered to him the most, had reportedly picked a more mundane one that he had scored in Mumbai in front of his home crowd saying that no matter how much the world appreciates you, it doesn’t really matter until you are appreciated and applauded by your own people.

Ours has been a largely unorganised and fragmented sector with each one waging a lonely battle. Professional achievements often go unnoticed. So, I was particularly happy to see the association’s private platform being increasingly used to acknowledge the achievements of our members. It is nice to know that while members go out there and achieve, there is an entire community of people that is going to be proud of them. What a wonderful feeling to have, as opposed to the professional insecurity we see playing put in other sectors. Here’s to many more successes in the days to come.

The future is indeed exciting, but the pandemic is still not behind us. So, do continue to take care and stay safe. Happy reading and happy CITLoBing.

Sandeep Nulkar