Vidula Tokekar
Editor | IndoVox

We are in the last quarter of 2020 already! Two quarters were of reinventing oneself, but two were of action and josh. We have witnessed – and experienced –amazing success stories of team work, innovation, technology adoption and resilience within the Indian language industry. 

The month of October was flooded with good news, recognitions, accolades, which were the fruition of silent efforts. CITLoB President, Vice Presidents and members shone on global platforms. Heartiest congratulations to all the great achievers! You make India proud!

We welcome the new leadership team of CITLoB for 2 years starting from October 2020. The four regional vice presidents will not only attract more membership, but also will offer very relevant assistance and guidance. Congratulations President Sandeep Nulkar, Vice President (North) Sudheen M, Vice President (South) Senthil Nathan, Vice President (East) Binod Ringania and Vice President (West) Sunil Kulkarni! IndoVox, in its coming issues, brings to you the vision, mission and action plan of the new team.

The month of October started on a high note of the first webinar of CITLoB on October 1.  We are sure the members got good insight and inspiration about scaling up, networking, choosing the right team and collaborations.

In this issue of IndoVox, you will also read the 7 step action plan of getting the most out of CITLoB membership. Interestingly, all the steps are related to ‘giving’ which will help you ‘gain’ the best benefits of membership.

The coming month of November brings festivity, hope, light and togetherness. Wish you all a very happy Diwali!  Wish you accelerated business in the last 2 months of the year. We Indians are known to score maximum sixes in the last overs, aren’t we?

Happy Diwali!

Vidula Tokekar

Editor, IndoVox