What’s in it for me? How will I benefit from becoming a member of CITLoB? As a member, these questions must have crossed your mind, and we thought it was about time we addressed the elephant in the room. However, since the benefits are almost always intangible and indirect, I thought it would be better to talk about how you can make the most of your memberships instead of merely stating the benefits.Here are 7 ways to make the most of your CITLoB Membership.

1. Use the CITLoB logo

Being part of an industry body increases the credibility of your business in the eyes of your customers. Apart from showing your commitment to your business and to your industry, customers feel secure knowing that there is a body they can approach should something go wrong. CITLoB Members shouldtherefore use the association’s logo on their website, in their email signature and in all sales and marketing material. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from non-member companies when customers are evaluating multiple vendors.

2. Participate in meetings and events

Meetings and events are great platforms to voice your opinions, share your concerns, seek solutions, get refreshingly different perspectives and generally learn from the experience and expertise of others. This can even be a platform for future collaborations with like-minded partners. Remember that you do not have to fight a lone battle, no matter what the issue you are facing might be. There have been enough precedents of members being supported by the association or its members in resolving issues they were facing. Members should therefore make it a point to attend our quarterly members meets and our monthly webinars. Do not forget to benefit from attractive discounts offered on events organised by our partner associations. Do also feel free to suggest topics for discussion. It is always our effort to accommodate topics that members suggest.

3. Contribute with content

If you are willing to put in a little more effort, contributing with content is a great way to demonstrate your subject matter expertise. Writing articles for IndoVox or presenting on a topic of your choice in one of our monthly webinars, even once every quarter, will give you great visibility within our growing national and international network. You can also use your contributions to create some social media buzz around your personal and professional brand.

4. Volunteer for a leadership role

Members in leadership roles are the face of any association and enjoy the most visibility.There is a lot happening behind the scenes and any association will always need additional pairs of hands to take charge of the various programs that are running in parallel. Leadership positions also look great on your professional profile and increase your personal and professional credibility. Those with a few hours to spare every week can reach out to me or your regional Vice Presidents to find out more about how you can get involved.

5. Tap into a trusted pool of resources

If you need additional resources for projects you cannot manage with your existing ones, you can choose to work with CITLoB member companies. It is a much safer option than trying your luck with unknown service providers. Very soon, CITLoB will be starting a Freelancer Chapter. It will allow us to create and nurture a more efficient pool of resources while offering you access to a wider and more trusted talent pool.

6. Ask for help or for recommendations

Whether your need is as simple as getting recommendations to find a reliable professional or as complex as understanding how to go about finding investors, there is hardly anything that one of our members would not have gone through. The association’s private WhatsApp group is your platform to seek help. We have helped members find reliable website designers, Chartered Accountants, ISO consultants and have even come together to fight a Service Tax case.No matter what you need, all you need to do is ask.

7. Contribute financially

If you have been around in the business for a while and think it is time for you to give back, you must consider sponsoring one of our events or having a much more profound partnership by supporting the association financially. Apart from a lot of visibility, companies that do that have experienced unparalleled goodwill in our industry and beyond. It will position you as a company that cares about the industry that it is a part of.