M Sudheen

Founder Director Crystal Hues Limited

Vice President |CITLoB North Zone

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Focus on Policy, cooperation and standard

Q : You have been working in several languages.  What do you think are the linguistic peculiarities of your region/technology?

A: Crystal Hues, which I founded 3 decades ago has been translating in practically all the languages of the world but mainly we are known for our capability to deliver translation in any technology be it for printing, electronic media, internet or software applications. To ensure this capability, we had to multi-skill our resources both linguistically and technologically. 

Tell us about translation profession and language business in North India.  

A: Translation profession and language business in the North India is very similar to the whole of India in terms of its nature of being unorganised and fragmented. Sadly, translator is not considered as a profession officially. To make the matters worse, due to lack of awareness and standards, anybody who knows two languages could claim to be a translator. Fortunately, Delhi has some of the best language teachings institutions both foreign and Indian. Jawarharlal Nehru University is a known name for learning international languages which has over 500 students graduating every year.
The North India is also home to the largest number of language businesses in India.

Q: What are the requirements of the language business in North India?

A: The requirements of translation comes from Government establishments, corporate houses, publishing houses, non-profit and individuals. The requirements range from just a simple document to be translated into another language, to a complex software or game application to be localised into 30  languages that includes Indian and international languages.

Q: As the VP, what would be your 3 vocal points for the next 2 years?

A: There are so many issues that plagues the translation businesses in India today ranging from policy ambiguity to lack of standards. CITLoB, as an association representing the translation and localisation business in India, has to choose the priorities from so many pressing issues. However, I have proposed the Governing Council to take up the following as priorities:
a. engage with the Government bodies on policy formulation that promotes proliferation of Indian language content,
b. encourage cooperation and knowledge-share among the industry players,
c. promote standards in the industry

Q:  Also, we, all the members would like to know you more as a person.  Would you please tell us about your professional journey


I graduated with a commerce specialisation from Delhi University and then post graduate qualifications in French language. Combining my passion for languages with an advance diploma in computers in 1985, I pursued my fascination to work with languages using the best of available technologies.

In 1989, I ventured into the niche area of multilingual communication and localization services employing latest technologies and later incorporated the company Crystal Hues Limited (CHL) in 1995. The Company has been helping clients not only reach the untouched markets in the hinterlands of India but also expand their business globally by bridging the language and cultural divide.

With over 100 FTEs specializing in linguistics, localisation engineering and project management, CHL has been one of the pioneers in localization services with capability to manage most complex projects that require multiple domain specialists like software developers, graphic engineers, UI designers, server engineers and of course, language specialists, seamlessly all under one roof.

…and your team, awards and recognitions, special achievements 

I am a recipient of the Business Excellence and Innovative Best Practices Award 2016 and also a recipient of REX Karmaveer Chakra Gold Award in 2019, in recognition of my contribution and impact created through pioneering effort in bridging communication divide of diverse cultures.

Q: What is your success mantra?

A: I chose to set out on journey that seemed most appropriate for the skills and faculties that I gathered through my life.

Anything more you want to add:

I am a die-hard start-up enthusiast, passionate team builder, loves strategy development and implementation. My expertise includes Marketing Communications, Localisation, Translation, Strategic planning, Branding and positioning, Media.