Sandeep Nulkar
President| CITLoB

Dear friends,

I hope all of you are in good spirits and the welcome nip in the air in some parts of the country and the beginning of the festive season has cheered you up even further. This is usually a good time to sit back, relax and reflect on the year that went by and plan ahead for an exciting new year.

The pandemic and the resulting lockdown might have moved the proverbial cheese for a number of us, and on that backdrop, it makes even more sense for us to take the time to ponder over the direction we want our businesses to take in 2021. In that sense, I think that the bonhomie and camaraderie on CITLoB’s private group can surely help. We have managed to create a very healthy atmosphere of trust and I would urge all of you to reach out to fellow CITLoB Members to explore if you can use this momentum that we have created to build meaningful partnerships.

We now also seem to have gotten into a comfortable routine of bringing useful and actionable information to all of you through our monthly webinars and, of course, through IndoVox. For the latter, I cannot thank Ms Vidula Tokekar of Panacea BPO Services enough for her selfless service to the cause of our Association. She has almost single-handedly ensured that quality content keeps coming out month after month. Again, I would like to urge all of you to benefit from these webinars and newsletter articles and use the knowledge, information and ideas you get to give your businesses a new direction.

Take care and stay safe. Happy reading and happy CITLoBing.

Sandeep Nulkar