Vidula Tokekar
Editor | IndoVox

December is usually a month of review, retrospection and rebound. It is a practice with many individuals, families and organizations to revisit their vision and mission statements, to see a new dream together and also to check the balance sheet of the 12 calendar months.

The year 2020 has been a unique year for all of us. It brought out unprecedented creativity, perseverance and determination for all of us. There are signs of revival of economy, though the experts are understandably cautious in expressing optimism. Languages have played a crucial role in the fight with the pandemic as a binding force between heterogeneous communities worldwide. In India, it was especially true. When correct and concise communication was the need of the hour, the language and technology industries worked hand in hand to reach billions of Indians, in cities as well as deeper in our villages.

December also brings hope for a better future and hope that the year 2021 will bear the fruits of the grit, determination and positivity shown by the industry. IndoVox congratulates all the industry members for shining through these difficult times and wishes them luck for the coming year 2021.

In this issue of IndoVox, you will read the vision and plans of two Vice Presidents of CITLoB for the Western and Northern regions. You will also read a brief analysis of the CITLoB Training Survey for Indian LSPs. In the last 6 issues, we have tried to provide a variety of articles and interviews. Hope you are enjoying reading IndoVox.

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Vidula Tokekar


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