Vidula Tokekar
Editor | IndoVox

IndoVox – Read ahead in 2021

The first meeting of CITLoB members was held in May 2020, in the thick of lockdown. A week after I got a call from Sandeep Nulkar asking me to take up editorial responsibility for the newsletter of CITLoB.  Having worked on our own newsletter Wordict and on those of the clients, I had seen the power of a consistent newsletter and was confident to give my inputs for the work. Things rolled out quickly and the first issue of IndoVox arrived in the mailboxes of CITLoB members and well-wishers on July 01, 2020.

The newsletter instantly became an interesting one, right from the naming exercise.  The leadership of CITLoB fed it continuously with exciting news of tie-ups and partnerships.  Equally exciting was the increasing number and range of new members. I can’t thank Sandeep enough for inviting international guests to IndoVox.  We could also offer good reads by experts and members about quality certification, copyright and some insight about the training activities in Indian LSPs through the survey. All the four Vice Presidents could reach each and every member of CITLoB and its associates by sharing their vision for the next two years

In this issue, you will also read the President’s vision about the next two years for CITLoB.  With the inclusive and dynamic approach, I am sure the members will get the right support from the Confederation.

You will continue enjoying all these and more in 2021. We are aware of the various sizes and growth stages of members’ businesses, and it can be challenging to find topics of interest for all of us.  We will attempt to include articles on the subjects useful for most of the members and the issues would be a reference material for your next growth step

From this issue onwards, we are also trying to bring out the audio-visual potential of IndoVox.  We will be featuring one member every month in audio-visual format, which will be available on CITLoB YouTube channel.  Lalita Marathe and Sushrut Kulkarni have kindly agreed to carry out the interviews. It will be a great opportunity to know your fellow members, project yourself and to explore win-win associations.

I appeal to all the members to make IndoVox more effective by

  • Writing articles.
  • Suggesting topics for articles
  • Sending questions on issues in your business, the answers of which can help many.
  • Sending your success stories and business anniversaries
  • Sharing a gist of learning of a training program of CITLoB or its associates that you attended.

Wish you all a very happy and happening new year 2021!