Sandeep Nulkar
President| CITLoB

Dear friends,

Time flies, doesn’t it? It seems only now that we were wishing each other a great year, only to realise that it is February already! I hope all of you have started working towards the personal and professional objectives you had set for yourself for this year. For me, this is already turning out to be one hell of a year on the work front, personally and even as far as CITLoB is concerned.

Of all the objectives we had set for the association, we have started working on a couple of those right away. For one, I have started reaching out to Universities. The objective is to ensure we have an MoU in place with every university in India with a language department. This will not only help language students gain more exposure but will also allow us to contribute to the academic fraternity and help them to create the kind of resources we would love to hire.

Then, under the able guidance of Shri Rakesh Kapoor we have taken our first steps in terms of creating better market access for our members. Efforts are also being taken to size the market. Knowing the size of the market we operate in is extremely critical for companies when they look at the funding or even the M&A route. I am hopeful that very soon we will be able to give more tangible updates on the efforts we are taking.

On a completely different note, I must also mention how amazing it felt to meet some of you in person during the West Zone meet-up. My sincere thanks to our Zonal Vice President (West), Shri Sunil Kulkarni, for his enthusiasm and initiative. Hopefully, this will encourage the other zones to organise meetups too. I am a firm believer in face-to-face meetings and in their power to make things happen.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all of you to help us bring more members into our fold. It is only with numbers that our voice would be heard loud and clear. I am counting on you for your support.

Take care and stay safe. Happy reading and happy CITLoBing.

Sandeep Nulkar