Vidula Tokekar
Editor | IndoVox

Dear language professionals,

The first month of the calendar year 2021 is already over.  A hope of better time is shining bright in some regions,  and still cloudy in some others. What is visible all through is the determination, hard work and immense innovation throughout the industry. With technology and ideation, we can see small firms  grow like never before, as the geographical limits have wiped out. The reports of mergers and their numbers in other parts of the World are awe-inspiring for Indian language businesses.

CITLoB has fast becoming a go-to platform for freelancers, small firms, growing businesses, language technology companies in India.  With a combination of online platforms and offline meet-ups, it will certainly gather more momentum.

West Zone Members’ Meet was so refreshing!  Exchanging success stories with a collaborative approach marked the gathering.  Sure, the other three regions will follow similar activities soon.

Thank you readers for receiving our new audio-visual column ‘Meet the Member’ started with January 2021 issue. In this issue, you will watch the journey of one more successful language entrepreneur. This month Biraj Rath, Founder director of Braahmam Technologies shares his journey, success mantra and future plans with us.  Sunil Kulkarni, VP CILoB, west zone has contributed a thought-provoking article which will be useful for all language businesses. I have attempted to pen my thoughts and experiences of translation of creative content.

Hope you like this issue.  Please do write to us at to share your feedback and suggestions and appreciation of IndoVox.

Wishing you all the success

Vidula Tokekar