Sandeep Nulkar
President | CITLoB

Dear friends,

Temperatures are gradually beginning to soar everywhere in the country, and I hope you are taking all precautions to acclimatise better. It is important to stay in great shape at these times, so we are able to take on the challenges of a post Covid world while continuing to make the most of the liberal spluttering of opportunities that stand testimony to how the industry is slowly but steadily limping back to normal.

On the association front too, we have been making steady progress. We have now started charging a membership fee. Being sensitive to the tough times we are going through, and to suit every type of business, not only do we have categories of membership, but we also have a special Covid discount. While the aim is to surely charge as little as possible, I am sure you understand and appreciate how an association will need some funds to implement any of its activities that would in turn benefit our members either directly or indirectly.

It is a matter of great pride that I have been nominated on the National Language Translation Mission’s Project Review Steering Group. This means that CITLoB and each of its members now have yet another formal platform to be heard. I will make use of this opportunity to bring up our concerns. In that spirit I had suggested that the government should come up with a formal mechanism to communicate information with the language industry relating to any project or tender it might wish to float. This will allow us an equal opportunity to participate in such a process as a means of increasing our revenue.

These things take time and will take their own course. For now, I would like to urge each one of you to help strengthen the association. Simple steps on your part can help us achieve that. You can contribute by:

flaunting your CITLoB membership and using it as a market differentiator on your website, in your email signature and in all your business communication asking all the freelancers you work with to become Members of CITLoB-ALP giving priority to freelancers and LSPs that are CITLoB-ALP and CITLoB Members asking Asavari or Rasika to post information relating to any projects you have for which you need trustworthy resources.

I am looking forward to your support as we continue to build CITLoB one step at a time.

Take care and stay safe. Happy reading and happy CITLoBing.

Sandeep Nulkar