Vidula Tokekar
Editor | IndoVox

February was short indeed!

February 2021 was packed by events, news, achievements, networking and activity! A short month indeed for such energy!

February started with Union Budget of India and among other things, had big news for Indian language industry – the announcement of National Language Translation Mission. This will not only open new opportunities for the language industry in India, but also, more importantly a huge part of the population will have access to authentic information in their own languages.  Though it sounds a bit far looking expectation, it would boost the inter-language exchange to a large extent.  Let’s look forward to the details of the Mission will be known in coming days.

The President of CITLoB Mr. Sandeep Nulkar has been nominated by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to the Project Review and Steering Group of the NLTM Pilot Project.  This is great news for CITLoB as the industry would be well represented by Mr. Nulkar.

Another member to congratulate is Mr. Himanshu Sharma of ‘Devnagri’ for The Largest Innovation Award, Aegis Graham Bell Awards. Great going Team Devnagri! 

Members, if you have something to celebrate, please do share with  and make the party bigger!

Let’s congratulate both Sandeep and Himanshu in this issue.  You will also read a very interesting article on the changes in Indian language industry from the freelancers’ point of view.  The second article on the subject will be published in April 2021 issue.  You will also enjoy watching the interview of Mr. Anuj Jaisinghani of Gurshabad in ‘Meet the Member’.

I am happy to share that slowly members are giving their feedback on the articles. Your inputs are encouraging and very valuable, so do keep writing or messaging me.

See you next month! Till then,

Bolte Raho!

Vidula Tokekar