Abayam Translation Service

Services: Translation, subtitling, voice over, transcription, interpretation etc.
Location : Chennai
Email: godman6153@gmail.com
Phone: 9840134825
Amaltash Books
Services: Translation (EN-MR), DTP, Publishing
Location: Pune
Email: sushrut@amaltashbooks.com
Phone: +9198225 22475
BITS India

Location: Pune
Email: ketakee.s@bitsindia.co.in
Phone: 9850229874
Braahmam Net Solutions P. Ltd.

Services: Translation, Localisation, Voice-overs, MTPE, Subtitling
Location: NOIDA (Delhi-NCR), Bhubaneswar, Dublin (Ireland)

Cosmic Global Private Limited

Services: Localization, e-learning development, Content services, epub services, Translation. Typesetting, Accounts processing
Location: Chennai
Email: raman.talwar@cosmiceurope.com
Phone: 9971052727
Crescendo Transcription

Services: Translation, Transcription & Interpretation
Location: Aurangabad

Email: vinod.rathi@crescendotranscriptions.com
Phone: 9325201744
Crystal Hues Limited
Services: Localization, Translation, Transcription, Interpretation, Subtitling, Voiceovers, E-learning, Content Writing
Location: Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai
Email: info@crystalhues.com
Phone: 98183 33952

Services :Translation, App and Website Localization, Voice-over, Subtitling & Transcription, Desktop Publishing Products - Translation Management System, CAT tools
Location: Gurgaon (headquarters), Mumbai (Sales office)

Email : vivek@easylokal.com
Phone : 8743010910
Fidel Soft Tech Private Ltd

Services: Translation, Website & Software localization, Transcription & Annotation, Video subtitling, Interpretation
Location : Pune
Email: mandar@fideltech.com
Phone: 020-49007800
Flatworld Language Solutions
Services:Translation, Interpretation, Corporate Training
Location: Pune
Email: saumitra.mahajan@flatworldindia.com
Phone: 9823116012
Fourtek IT Solutions Private Ltd (Devnagari)

Services: Translations, subtitling and Transliteration.
Location: Delhi
Email: himanshu@devnagari.com
Phone: 9811072256
Gem Translators
Services: Translation, Transcription, Editing & Proofreading, Voice Over, Subtitling, Multilingual DTP.
Location: Chennai
Email: info@gemtranslators.com
Phone: 8695522244
Godson Infotech

Services: Translation, Editing and Proofreading, subtitling, interpretation, Trans-creation, Transcription
Location: Mumbai

Email: pradeeshpeter1988@gmail.com
Phone : 9819558389

Services: Translation, Transcription, Interpretation, Subtitling, Dubbing, Content Writing
Location: Mumbai
Email: seva@gurshabad.co.in
Phone: 9920990595
Indian Linguist
Services : HR Outsourcing; Recruitments, Leadership Coaching, Translation
Location : Pune

Email: rahul@indianlinguist.com
Phone: +91-9891312335
JNT INFOTECH PVT LTD ( Translation IN India )
Services: Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, Copy Editing, MTPE, Localisation
Location: Pune
Email: ceo@jntinfotech.com
Phone: 9767851881 / 9225636523
Karthicks Foreign Language CentreLocation: Bengaluru
Email: madhumitha@karthicks.com
Phone: 9900161153
Langscape Language Solutions Private Limited

Services: Translation, Machine Translation Post-Editing, Localization, Linguistics R&D, Corpus Development, NLP and language outsourcing.
Location: Chennai
Email: senthil.nathan@langscape.com
Phone: 914448600010
Language Services Bureau

Services: Translation, Interpretation, Training, Translation training
Location: Pune
Email: info@languagesrvicesbureau.com
Phone: 9822082484
Linguidoor Translation private Limited

Services: Document Translation, Website and App Translation, Game Translation and Localization, Movies and Videos Subtitling, Content Writing for Blogs and Website, Book Translation, Transcription
Location :
Email: services@linguidoor.com
Phone: +918210692835
Milestone Global Limited (The Localization BU is 'Milestone Localization')
Services : Translation, Localisation, Interpretation, Transcription, Subtitling, DTP, Data Localisation, International Marketing
Location: Bengaluru
Email: nikita@milestoneloc.com
Phone:+91 9742609589
MoniSa Enterprise
Services: Translation, Proofreading. Content development ( Content Writing )

Web designing and development

Data localisation ( Data collection , labelling and annotations)
Location: Chandigarh
Email: contents2.monica@gmail.com
Phone: +918079061002
Multibhashi Solutions Private Limited

Services: Translation, Language learning, Transcription, Subtitling, Anything related to language
Location: Bengaluru
Email: anuradha@multibhashi.com
Phone: 9811304887
Native Ninja Media Services LLP
Services: Dubbing, Subtitling, Close Captioning, and Audio Description
Location: Mumbai, Delhi
Email: info@native.ninja
Phone: 022- 49714270
Nihon Global Gateway

Services : Linguistic Services, Training & manpower placement, Market research and Business Consultancy
Location: Chennai
Email: anu@nihon.global
Phone: +91 98848 51002
Oya Associates

Services : Translation, Interpretation, Proofreading, Editing, Brand Analysis, Subtitling and Content Writing

Location: Faridabad
Phone: +919873570751
Panacea BPO Services Private Limited

Solutions: Content writing, translation, interpretation, transcription, language editing, proof reading, subtitling, dubbing
Location: Pune
Email: vidula@panaceabpo.co.in
Phone: 9975579562
Parikh Info Solutions Private Limited

Services: Translation, Editing, Localization, Transcription, Voice-over, Subtitling, Dubbing
Location: Mumbai
Email: amitt@parikhinfosolutions.com
Phone: 8879661881
Process Nine Technologies
Services: Translation , Localization
Location: Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore Email: info@process9.com
Reverie Language Technologies Limited

Services: End-to-end Indian Language Solution
Location: Bengaluru
Email: vivek.pani@reverieinc.com
Phone: 9449812397
Rikaian Technology Private Limited

Services: Translation Technology (Rian), Translation and Interpretation as service
Location: Pune
Email: anand@rian.io
Phone: 8888766006
Summa Linguae Technologies

Services: Localization, Managed Services, Data Services, Multimedia, E-Learning,
Location: Bengaluru
Email: madhu.sundaramurthy@summalinguae.com
Phone: 7259183553
Transcript Services

Services: Translation, review, editing, training (Languages: German, English, Hindi, Marathi)
Location - Pune, Maharashtra, India

Email: lalitamarathe@outlook.com,
Phone: +91-8624054171
Transmania Langs

Services: Technical Translation, Interpretation, Corporate training, Language support, Tutoring of foreign (German, French, Dutch, Spanish) & Indian languages (Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi)
Location: Pune
Email: transmanialangs@gmail.com
Phone: 9822420938
Transolutions India

Services:Translation, Interpreting, Voice Over, Content Development
Location: Pune
Email: harshada@transolutionsindia.co.in
Phone: 9890446285
Services: Translation, Subtitling
Location: Guwahati, Assam
Phone: +91-9864072186
Valuepoint Knowledgeworks

Services: Linguistic services not limited to translation, localization, interpretation, dubbing and transcription , e-Learning Content Development Services
Location: Bengaluru
Vernac Language Technologies

Services:Crowdsourced translation, human translation, localisation, subtitling and DTP in all official Indian languages
Location: Pune
Email: ketakee.sathaye@vernac.in
Phone: 9850229874
Wordlab Multilingual Translation Enterprises
Services: Translation, Transcription
Location : Pune

Email: wordlabmultilingual.pune@gmail.com
Phone: 8652448464
Words and Videos

Services : Translation, Transcription, Subtitling, Voiceover
Location: India

Email: wordsinvideos@gmail.com
Phone number : 9643545332