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In the last month’s Indo Vox, I tried describing the importance of attending an international conference. Hope it was useful enough for you. I have received substantially mixed reviews on that and so this time I thought of penning down a few points for a select group of audiences, hope it covers as many as possible in this space and time.  

A quick recap of what we saw in the last article. You can find the article here. In a gist, conferences can bring numerous benefits to its attendees. From knowledge enhancement and networking to career growth and market insights, conferences offer a platform for learning, collaboration, and professional advancement in various fields and industries. So, let’s look at what it may bring to a student, a teacher, a freelancer, a working professional, a company, and a government official. Allow me to throw some light on it…  


Knowledge Enhancement: Students can gain exposure to the latest research and advancements in their field of interest, expanding their knowledge beyond the classroom. 

Networking: Connecting with experts and peers can open up opportunities for internships, research collaborations, and future academic pursuits. 

Career Opportunities: Conferences offer insights into industry trends and demands, helping students align their skills and interests with future career paths. 



Professional Development: Attending conferences allows educators to stay updated with innovative teaching methods, curriculum developments, and pedagogical techniques. 

Networking and Collaboration: Teachers can connect with colleagues from different institutions, fostering collaborative projects and resource-sharing. 

Research Dissemination: Presenting research findings at conferences can contribute to the dissemination of educational research and best practices. 



Skill Development: Freelancers can attend conferences to upgrade their skills, learn new tools or techniques, and stay relevant in their respective industries. 

Networking and Client Acquisition: Conferences provide opportunities to meet potential clients, collaborators, and industry contacts, leading to new projects and business opportunities. 

Market Insights: Understanding market trends and client needs can help freelancers tailor their services and offerings more effectively. 



Continuing Education: Conferences offer professionals a chance to continue their education, earning continuing education credits and staying up-to-date with industry advancements. 

Networking and Career Growth: Building connections with peers, industry leaders, and potential employers can lead to career advancements and job opportunities. 

Problem Solving: Attending conferences can expose professionals to innovative solutions and ideas, helping them tackle challenges in their work more effectively. 



Market Research: Companies can gain insights into emerging markets, technologies, and consumer trends by attending conferences related to their industry. 

Brand Visibility: Participating or sponsoring conferences can enhance a company's visibility and reputation within the target market. 

Talent Acquisition: Conferences attract skilled professionals, making them an excellent venue for recruiting top talent. 



Policy Insights: Attending conferences can provide government officials with valuable information on global trends, challenges, and potential policy solutions. 

International Cooperation: Conferences offer opportunities for government officials to engage with counterparts from other countries, fostering international cooperation. 

Economic Development: Participating in conferences related to economic sectors can help officials identify investment opportunities and foster economic growth. 


In conclusion, attending an international conference can bring numerous benefits to students, teachers, freelancers, working professionals, companies, and government officials. From knowledge enhancement and networking to career growth and market insights, conferences offer a platform for learning, collaboration, and professional advancement in various fields and industries.  


Although these are my point of view, they are defined by my experience of “been there, done that” for the last 1.5 decades. I would love to know what you all have to say about that…? What are your thoughts on this?? Comment below and share it for a larger understanding… 


Thank you. 

Saumitra Mahajan. 

Vice President – West Zone, CITLoB,  

Founder – Flatworld Language Solutions 

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Saumitra Mahajan

Vice President West Zone CITLoB

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CITLob is thrilled to announce its collaboration with LocLunch for an insightful event scheduled on September 14th, 2023, at 2:30 pm. The event's central theme is "Globalisation Strategy and its Impact on Localization."

Renowned experts from both LocLunch and CITLob will lead the discussion, shedding light on the intricate relationship between globalization strategies and their effects on localization efforts. The event aims to foster an interactive dialogue, encouraging participants to delve into the challenges and opportunities that arise from the interplay of these two critical aspects.

Whether you're a professional in the localization industry or someone interested in the broader impact of globalization, this event promises valuable insights and engaging discussions.

Mark your calendars for September 14th, 2:30 pm, and join us for this enlightening collaboration between LocLunch and CITLob. Stay tuned for further details on how to participate in this event.

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