28 February 2023

At CITLoB, we are starting with a few initiatives and bringing new ideas to the table to build and offer a strong platform that would work towards the progress and betterment of the entire Indian language industry. Recently, ATC and CITLoB partnered to offer their members a conducive platform to collaborate and work together and open multiple business opportunities.


This month's guest article is by our Vice President Saumitra from Flatworld Solutions. He will take you through the talk of the town, "ChatGPT and/or the translation industry." Please give it a read to see how the introduction of ChatGPT and other AI language models is likely to have a significant impact on the translation industry.


Certification to a language services industry ISO standard is a powerful way of improving your organization's operational efficiency and showcasing your compliance with international best practice standards. But what standards exactly are out there, and how does certification work? CITLoB and ATC conducted a webinar recently on this important topic led by ATC's CEO Raisa McNab, who has been involved in ISO standards development for over a decade and now leads the industry-specialist certification body, ATC Certification. The video recording of the same is now available on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@citlob1200.


Go ahead and give this issue a read and do let us know your feedback. I hope you enjoy the February issue of CITLoB. Let us all come together and become a stronger community.

Asavari Tamhane

Secretary | CITLoB