05 November 2022

Dear Readers,

As the Editor of Indovox, I am taking the liberty to also pen this article as the Secretay of CITLoB. When you keep changing your hats, at times it gets really difficult to separate the two portfolios.

First of all, CITLoB would like to thank you all for supporting, participating and helping us make SAMVĀD a successful marquee event in South Asia.

Every small and big event goes through a lot of planning, discussions, and humungous amount of background work. I cannot thank the EUATC, ATC, GALA, ELIA, Women in Localisation Secretariat, and our media partner SLATOR and Multilingual enough for continuously guiding and supporting CITLoB and ensuring that the conference receives its due traction and visibility. The cherry on the cake was that the event could bring in so many leading faces of the language industry globally on one platform.

All the registered participants at the conference must have by now received full access to the conference video recordings along with the login credentials. If not please feel free to write to secretary@citlob.in. The ones who missed out on registering for the conference but would like to access the videos could do so at a nominal charge. Please write to secretary@citlob.in for further details.

In this month's issue the CITLoB’s President has systematically and comprehensively covered the entire SAMVAD conference so effectively that I will not want to say anything differently. Do give it a read.

Our very own member Mr Senthilnathan, Founder of Ailaysa, gives us some useful inputs on “How to survive the storm of AI In translation? - A no-fear guide to professional translators and LSPs. Mr Senthil was awarded at the recent SAMVĀD for his untiring efforts in the field of AI translations.

I hope you enjoy reading the October issue of INDOVOX

Asavari Tamhane

Secretary | CITLoB