03 April 2024
Editorial Desk

We are pleased to announce and congratulate CITLoB’s newly elected members! Following a 2-month long rigorous election process and with our members' trust and mandate, we are pleased to welcome the new team.  

Our new Vice Presidents Padma Balakrishnan and Deepinder Singh have extensive experience and a proven track record of leadership and vision. Their dedication to quality and strategic thinking will propel us to great heights. We are excited about the unique ideas and disruptive efforts they will bring to their new role.  

Additionally, we extend our congratulations and appreciation to reelected existing Vice Presidents Madhu SundaramurthyKalyani GadreDeepak Sahu, who continue to excel in their role as Vice President. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our association's success have been instrumental in driving our growth and innovation. 

Furthermore, we extend our congratulations and gratitude to our existing President Sudheen M, who continues to provide exemplary leadership, guidance, and dedication to CITLoB's mission and values. His steadfast commitment has been instrumental in our ongoing success and growth. 

Once again, we congratulate the new elected leaders for their exceptional commitment and deep understanding of CITLoB's values and goals. With their leadership, we are confident they will lead us to even greater success as a leading organization representing language industry stakeholders in the South Asia.
Please join us in celebrating and congratulating them on their well-deserved Positions!


Avani Gandhi

Asst Secretary