30 October 2023

Dear IndoVox Readers,

Last couple of months were quite hectic for CITLoBCITLoB was present in person at the "Ethical Business Summit" jointly organised by our Partner Associations ATC and  EUATC. I represented members companies at the Summit with over 200 delegates from across Europe and had the opportunity to interact with many visitors, who visited the CITLoB booth. The Summit also prominently displayed CITLoB as a sponsors and played the video of CITLoB members at frequent intervals during the conference. 

The first week of October saw the fruition of our efforts of past three months with successful execution of our annual event Samvād, which had 34 global luminaries as speakers sharing their insights in various sessions that covered technology, success stories and cultural insights. All the leading translation industry associations promoted Samvād among their members and all their heads participated in Samvād in full force. Samvād not only engaged the language service providers but also the language service buyers across the world, giving the sponsors and CITLoB members unparalleled global visibility. 

I would also like to share that my candidature for elections to the GALA Board has been accepted (https://www.gala-global.org/membership/volunteer-with-GALA/Meet-the-2024-2025-Board-Candidates/sudheen-mookola). I seek your assistance in drumming up support and votes for me so that I can represent the interests of the Asian continent and CITLoB members in the world's leading industry association.    

With best regards
Sudheen M., President