29 August 2023
Industry News

Meta just released a "Star Trek" universal translator. 

- Cool! 100 languages for text, 35 for speech, and it can understand when you switch languages mid-sentence. There is a fluid and fast demo - works like a charm, and you don't need to be technical to try. 
- Open-source/downloadable. With the CC BY-NC 4.0 license, you can remix the code and build something on top of it, but it's not permitted to use it for commercial purposes. Some people may attempt to remix it and hide it under the hood or an app, and I don't think Meta will be able to detect such cases and stop them. 
- Caveats: it doesn't seem to match female/male voices like Yandex did in 2021, and it doesn't have speed control, and I found no information on speaker diarization so far, so it may struggle with a stream of live speech, especially from a noisy polylogue. 
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Article By Konstantin Dranch