30 October 2023
Editorial Desk

October 2023 was full of activities in CITLoB, several significant events took place. CITLoB has organised the 3rd edition of its international conference SAMVĀD on October 6, 2023. SAMVĀD saw convergence of language professionals from across the globe. International and Indian speakers shared their thoughts and experiences on language industry trends, technology innovations, and cultural preservation. The event fostered collaborations, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging linguistic diversity and ensuring accessibility in a connected world. 

Here you can have glimpse of the SAMVĀD report and SAMVĀD recordings at our page:  https://citlob.in/samvad-report-2023.html.

The SAMVĀD Awards were announced acknowledging the winners for their outstanding contributions to the language industry, exceptional efforts and dedication in shaping the future of language-related initiatives along with their expertise and knowledge in their fields.

Another exciting news is that our President Sudheen M has been nominated to the team candidates for the elections to the GALA Board of Directors for 2024-2025. We wish him all the best!

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From Editorial Desk