05 October 2022
Presidents Address

Namaste! It is a privilege to write for INDOVOX covering our annual event SAMVĀD 2022.

This year, SAMVĀD became a marquee event in South Asia for professionals connected with language services and technology industry, with representations from all the stakeholders of the industry including Language Service Providers, language technology developers, translators, interpreters, language professionals, institutions and students aspiring a career in language industry.

The line-up of sessions on diverse subjects delivered by global luminaries of the language industry as speakers ensured that there was a takeaway for each stakeholder of the industry. This year's theme of Samvād "Future-proof your language business" made the conference all the more relevant with the industry facing the unprecedented challenges of a VUCA world.

CITLoB's objectives are focused on creating an ecosystem that facilitates the members to share knowledge, adopt best practices and collaborate. However, I also believe that the objectives should also align with the larger objectives like providing support to job seekers, engage with policy makers to help them understand the industry's perspectives and contribute to the overall development of the industry which will result in economic growth of the country.

I am forever indebted for the cooperation extended by our international partner associations GALA, ATC, EUATC, Women in Localization, Elia and media partners Slator and Multilingual and community partner LocLunch. CITLoB was proud to have FICCI-ILIA leading the session on Natural Language Translation Mission, one of the key Missions of Government of India. I would like to make a special mention of our institutional partners like Pune University and other institutions across the country who have been training students and creating a sustainable ecosystem for the language industry.

CITLoB is forever grateful to our platinum sponsors PepperContent, and silver sponsors, Reverie, Ailaysa and Fidel Technologies, and supporting partners BITS, Braahmam, Crystal Hues, Fidel Technologies, Process 9, Flatworld Language Solutions and Summa Linguae.

I would also like to thank our interpretation partner vSpeeq who made the Keynote session and President's speech available in Hindi and Spanish. 

No Associations can function without an able secretariat, so here is a shout-out to Asavari Tamhane and Rasika Gumaste for their untiring support and an equally effective Board Vidushi Kapoor, VP North, Deepak Sahu, VP East, Swati Bhaskar, VP South, Saumitra Mahajan, VP West and Kalyani Gadre VP ALP, for making Samvād 2022 a great success.

I would also like to convey my special thanks to Madhu Sundaramurthy and Vidushi Kapoor who hosted the conference flawlessly. 

Thank you and happy reading!

Sudheen M

President | CITLoB