05 November 2022
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Find the potential. Let us prepare them.
A great language services project manager understands the industry and the bigger picture, sees how their role sits within the company’s operations, and knows their stuff as a language service pro.
CITLoB Partner ATC in collaboration with Elia brings you a totally new training course and certification scheme for project managers.
The course will:
•    train your fresh recruits in language services project management
•    save you heaps of induction time and effort
•    give you job-ready PMs who understand the bigger picture

Great! How does it work?
ATC Elia PM Training is a foundation-level, on-demand eLearning course with over 50 hours of videos, practice tasks and quizzes.
Our trainers are seasoned industry experts sharing their tips, tricks and knowledge about:
•    The Bigger Picture: comprehensive industry overview, trends and stakeholders
•    The LSP: inner workings of a language service company, its structures and functions
•    Project Management: the skills, tools and tasks a pro PM needs
And what’s best: it’s available on-demand, anywhere, anytime.
And a separate Certification Exam gives you ATC Elia Certified PMs, to boot!

I’m in! What will it cost?
A lot less than the time and effort you put in during your normal induction and training weeks. And of course, ATC and Elia members get a sizeable discount!
ATC and Elia member companies
•    Training Course €500
•    Valid for 90 days
Non-member companies
•    Training Course €700
•    Valid for 90 days
Certification Exam
•    €100