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Dear readers,

Most businesses today are looking at increasing their presence in the international market by capturing the latest industry trends and strategies to future-proof their businesses. 

At CITLoB, we are all geared up to welcome everyone at SAMVĀD, our second international conference which talks about just that – securing our businesses for tomorrow in this VUCA world. 

Our industry is rapidly evolving and growing consistently. Thanks to the technology today SAMVĀD has also been able to overcome the barriers of distance. A marquee event in south Asia for professionals connected with language services and technologies, Samvād has been fortunate to receive generous support globally. 

The conference will see a wonderful blend of industry, academia, media, and leading organizations from across the world come together to share their insights. 

In this month’s issue do read the President’s address where he passionately pens down the details of our upcoming conference. Register now, to hear the luminaries from across the world and add value to your own growth. 

Our Guest article this month talks about the best translation companies in India. Take a look at the filters available when you go to choose a company to get your work done. 

Go ahead and give this issue a read and do let us know your Feedback. I hope you enjoy the July issue of CITLoB.     

Best regards,

Asavari Tamhane

Secretary | CITLoB

Editor | IndoVox